Materials Available to Download & Print 

Talking to Student Athletes About Marijuana

This sheet contains talking tips for every coach, parent, or athletic trainer, as they strive to keep student athletes healthy and on top of their game.

Talking to Youth Ages 13-16 About Marijuana

This tool can help parents and guardians to have an effective conversation with their children around marijuana.

Talking to Young Adults About Marijuana

This resource provides parents and guardians with tips to have a conversation with high school and college children around expectations as well as health and safety.

Marijuana + Pregnancy & Breastfeeding

This resource provides expectant parents with information they need to know regarding marijuana use (including marijuana for medicinal use) and the way it affects their baby.

Marijuana as Medicine- Safe Storage

Given that marijuana can be recommended for medicinal purposes in the State of Ohio, here are a few tips for patients receiving marijuana to safely store material and minimize any risk that may be associated with their recommendation.

Paraphernalia Environmental Scan Results

The Marijuana Prevention Committee within the coalition surveyed 101 retail establishments (gas stations, convenience stores, etc.) to see gauge the community's accessibility to purchase tobacco and marijuana paraphernalia items.

Marijuana & College Students: Perceptions, Attitudes & Beliefs

The Marijuana Prevention Committee partnered with a group of college students in the area to gauge perceptions of marijuana use among local college students. The group of students also gathered data around student use and behaviors related to marijuana use.

This resource is targeted towards individuals that use marijuana and care for children. Download this card for a list of safety precautions individuals should take to keep children safe.

Marijuana Safety For Children


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