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2021- 2022 YLP SCHOOLS


Valley View High School 

Led by Amanda Phillips, Social Emotional Learning Coordinator

Valley View High School will use their funding to create a Student Ambassador program that will identify and select student leaders to champion prevention efforts in school. Ideas from the Valley View students include creating welcome bags for new students with prevention materials, and implementing community awareness events for both students and parents. The group will host an End of Year Celebration to celebrate the successes accomplished by the Student Ambassadors. Additionally, they will create identifiers for the student ambassadors, including t-shirts, wristbands and graduation cords, so other students can clearly identify the student leaders of this program.

Holy Angels Catholic School 

Led by Caren Brockman, Licensed Clinical Counselor

Holy Angels will engage an existing group of middle school youth leaders to lead the peer-to-peer efforts for this group. Their plans include a support program for at-risk students, youth leadership retreats to hone the students' leadership skills, and conducting two middle school events to serve as alternatives to substance use. Holy Angels students will also create and present a training on prevention practices to the school PTO. Funds will be given to teachers to use as resources for in-classroom prevention messaging. Additionally, an end-of-year celebration will be conducted to celebrate the students' success.


Oakwood High School 

Led by Amy Ostidek, English Teacher and Advisor of Visible and Resilient

Oakwood High School will utilize their existing Visible & Resilient student leaders to serve as peer-to-peer champions of YLP! Their plan for the year includes providing substance-free alternate activities for high schoolers, including a gardening "flashmob" to beautify the school campus and new indoor and outdoor games for students. They aim to purchase books and materials for a mental health library and subsequent book studies for students. Oakwood HS also plans to host a Health Fair to offer physical and mental health resources to students and their families. They will purchase identifiers such as t-shirts, bracelets and buttons so students can easily identify the Visible & Resilient student leaders.


YLP Adviser Training & Onboarding

Pictured left to right: Amie Burr (Montgomery County ESC), Brittini Long (Montgomery County ADAMHS Board), Melissa Smith (Dayton Children’s Hospital)

YLP Student Leader Training & Support

Pictured left to right: Ralph Davis, Jr. (Dayton YWCA), Taniayah O’Quinn-Sims (Montgomery County ADAMHS Board), Emily Sewell (Samaritan Behavioral Health) and Emily Weitz (Dayton Children’s Hospital)



Pictured left to right: Christy Coleman (Montgomery County ESC), Amber Kamau (Public Health Dayton Montgomery County), Emily Mongelli (Montgomery County ESC)

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