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On the Montgomery County Prevention Coalition, we care about you and your mental wellness. Please see some self-care resources below that you can utilize to support yourself or others to increase resiliency and mental wellness. Remember: Self-Care is not selfish!


"Self-care" is different for everyone. Hear from some of our Montgomery County Prevention Coalition members to learn what it means to them, and then learn more about the science behind mindfulness practices. 

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Sanjii Johnigan

Samaritan Behavioral Health

"This is what self-care means to me at this stage in my life. I believe that as I grow and evolve, the definition will do the same!"

Michelle Johnson

UMADAOP of Dayton

"Self-Care is a place where being you is comfortable, at peace and whole. Where being YOU is enough!"


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Nina Rains.jpg

Nina Rains

Ohio State University

"Self-care is spending time in nature and removing myself from the stresses of everyday life just to breathe, clear my head and refocus."


Ralph Davis

YWCA of Dayton

"Self-care increases your own inner peace and ability to relate to self and others in a healthy manner."


Pat Holmes.jpg

Pat Holmes

Ohio State University - Montgomery County Extension

"Self-care is mindfully taking a “gratitude” moment to remind myself of things for which I’m grateful."


Asia Williams 

Public Health Dayton & Montgomery County

"Self-Care is achieving a peaceful state of mind."


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Stacey Whittaker.jpg

Stacey Whittaker

Montgomery County Educational Service Center

"Self-Care is taking care of my physical, social, spiritual and emotional self. It is talking to a best friend, walking, or sitting outside in the sun!"


Janece Warfield

Wright State University

"Self-care is the ability to refill and refuel oneself in healthy ways. It is maintaining a life that is rich with meaning and gratification outside the workplace."


Janeece Warfield.jpg

Self-Care Wheel
We recognize that there are several different approaches to self-care. It looks different for everyone. Below are some ideas for your individual self-care to consider: 

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