Frequently asked questions

Will I have to miss school if I'm chosen to be an ambassador?

No, all activities hosted by the Montgomery County Youth Leadership Council will take place outside of school hours during evenings and weekends.

What is the time commitment for MCYLC?

Ambassadors will be required to attend monthly meetings that will be held during the school year. Meetings will generally last 1-2 hours. Ambassadors will also be in charge of developing their own service learning strategy to implement in their school or community. This will need to be completed outside of meeting time, but will be as time intensive as the student chooses. Students will also be given training and volunteer opportunities throughout the school year.

What if I can't make it to every meeting?

No worries, we understand the busy schedules of high school students. With proper notice of absence, ambassadors will be will be given an opportunity to make up their regular meeting time by attending a local event, training, or assist in a volunteer opportunity outside of school hours.

What is a letter of intent?

A letter of intent is similar to a cover letter, but it also outlines the leadership abilities of the applicant. For step by step instructions on how to write a letter of intent visit- All letters may be addressed to: Tristyn Eppley Public Health Dayton & Montgomery County 117 South Main Street Dayton, OH 45422

When will I know if I was chosen as an Ambassador?

After all interviews are conducted the MCYLC committee will decide on Ambassadors. You will know within 1-2 weeks of your interview date whether or not you were chosen to be an Ambassador.

I've submitted my application, what's next?

You will receive an email within two days stating the MCYLC committee has received your application. Qualified applicants will receive a request for an interview via email. The applicants chosen for an interview, will provide the interview committee with their availability, and the interview process will begin.

I've been chosen for an interview. What should I expect?

All interviews will be held at the Montgomery County ADAMHS Board- 409 East Monument Street Dayton, OH (across from Fifth Third field). Applicants should arrive 5-10 minutes early and sit in the waiting room, located straight ahead when you walk in the revolving door. Be prepared to discuss why you feel the committee should select you to be an Ambassador for MCYLC and how you've positively influenced your school and/or community. During the interview you'll be asked to discuss any organizations and volunteer service you've partaken in. You will also be asked to pitch a project you could implement in your school and/or community that addresses one of the "3 major issues facing students" you highlighted on your application. Please remember that all chosen Ambassadors will be expected to have a firm stance against alcohol, tobacco, other drugs, as well as violent physical and verbal behaviors. Interview attire is business casual.

How do I prepare for my "pitch"?

You will be giving a 1-3 minute overview of your idea for a project, aka service learning strategy, that will improve your school and/or community. The idea will ideally have a connection with behavioral health (i.e. promoting positive mental health, preventing alcohol, tobacco or other drug use, breaking down stigma around mental health, bullying prevention, creating a safer environment, etc.). Be thinking about any partners and resources you will need to complete this project. Having a rough budget for the project will also help the interviewer(s) understand your vision. Finally, you be expected to elaborate how you'll know if your project was successful.

What if I have to cancel or reschedule my interview?

If you have to cancel you will be expected to contact Tristyn Eppley immediately. Her email is or call (937) 225-5700 and ask for Tristyn. Failure to give enough notice could jeapordize your chance to become an Ambassador. If you fail to show up for your interview and do not give notice, you will not be considered for an Ambassador position.


409 E Monument Ave Dayton, OH

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