Community Conscious Retailer Program

Resources for Montgomery County

Community Conscious Retailer Program.png

All products containing tobacco, nicotine, and CBD, as well as tobacco paraphernalia are stored in a locked case or behind sales counter

Traveler or airline liquor bottles (50 mL) are kept behind the sales counter or in a locked case

Sales counter is kept clear of products containing alcohol and tobacco

Age restrictions for alcohol, tobacco, and gambling products are posted and clearly visible

Lottery self-service machine is placed in area where store clerk can easily monitor

Lottery products are not easily accessible to customers 

Age-restricted products are placed at least 4 feet from ground

Ohio Problem Gambling Helpline is posted near lottery products

There are no promotional advertisements of age-restricted products within 10 ft of the sales counter

All advertising for age-restricted products throughout the store are at least 4 feet off the ground

The retailer has restricted the hours of alcohol sales to end at or before midnight

The retailer has passed all compliance checks and has not sold age-restricted products to someone underage

The retailer does not deliver alcohol or tobacco products through delivery services

The retailer has a procedure on how to reprimand employees that sell age-restricted products to individuals under the legal purchase age